Inhouse Courses

Would you like to dive deeper into the battery cosmos? Then you've come to the right place - join us in learning valuable expert knowledge about battery cell production.


Course program for beginners

Basic seminar battery

Climb the new (knowledge) summit faster with a full battery and in-depth knowledge of the basics: Get an overview of cell chemistry, battery market, technology and digitalization trends with the basic seminar!


Interactive workshop for beginners / 6.11.2023

Pre-Charger Workshop

In four modules, topics of the battery cosmos along the value chain are taught interactive on site. At the same time, you will gain exclusive insights into the Fraunhofer FFB in Münster. Our Pre-Charger Workshop will take place from November 06 to November 08, 2023 - you can register now.


Seminars for advanced

Advanced seminars of the Fraunhofer FFB

Fraunhofer FFB offers a range of customizable seminars that allow you to deepen your battery knowledge in specific areas. You can find out which topics we specifically offer on the next page:



Training program for all target groups

Modular training program

Become a battery expert with our modular training program! Deepen your knowledge in basics, applications and advanced topics in presence, online or as a self-study unit.